Overcome Overwhelm 

Signature Program 

What is it & how you benefit


Being a professional working mother is no joke. It's damn hard. You're often the one left to manage and juggle the majority of the day to day stuff that comes with having children. Most of us have developed pretty good ways to plan our week, we delegate where we can, but it's often when we're thrown a curve ball that things (including ourselves) derail.

We get the dreaded call from the creche or school. We have to organise the kids dental appointments. We need to leave a meeting to get to childcare before it's too late. Never mind trying to keep up with the endless WhatsApp groups. We are constantly trying to focus on both home and work yet we are left feeling guilty as we feel we're not doing either as well as we could. 

It's exhausting, stressful and quite simply overwhelming.

This program is created just for you. To help you reduce everyday stress and overwhelm to create a better frame of mind for achieving your goals at home and at work.  

The impact of 1:1 coaching with our founder, Michelle O'Connor creates a fundamental shift in your approach to managing your home life and your work. For example, reduced overwhelm and increased self-confidence results in you feeling more resilient and assertive.

The program consists of one hour long Game Plan session, followed by 3 x 45 minute personalised 1 - to 1 calls.

As well as 

  • Overcome Overwhelm Signature Video Course
  • Self-assessment Questionnaires to overcome mindset blocks
  • Cheat sheets, Planners and ‘Done for you’ lists
  • Boxset of 72 Values & Principles Cards
  • Private Facebook Support Group
  • 1-on-1 Coaching & Support
  • WhatsApp program support w. Michelle
  • 12 Monthly Group Coaching Calls
  • Access to The Careerclub Online Hub 

The personal benefits of coaching are as wide-ranging as the individuals involved. Clients report that coaching helped reduce overwhelm and positively impacted their lives as well as their careers by helping them clear their heads, shift their mindset and prioritise what's most important to them.

Overcome Overwhelm Coaching Program

Get results in 90 days

  • Feel more energised and less overwhelmed

  •  Improve communication in your relationships

  •  Build sustainable planning habits

  •  Identify and establish strong support systems

  •  Focus on your top priorities and goals

  •  Establish better boundaries between work and family

  • Achieve greater personal & professional fulfilment 

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