The miracle of mindlessness

self care

We all know that mindfulness is great. It helps combat stress, heightens body awareness, increases productivity, focuses the mind…. Look it’s fabulous, it’s the bee’s knees.  We get it. 

But sometimes mindlessness is just what the doctor ordered. You’ve got a rare 10 minutes of peace, a cup of coffee and no one asking for snacks, updates or where their sports kit is. Do you really want to spend it taking deep breaths, centering yourself and living in the moment? No. You want to switch off, zone out and focus on a world outside of your own. 

We need an off switch and if that off switch comes courtesy of the Kardashians, let’s bring it on.

Yes, we know that we should fill our minds with educational and inspiring ideas, we should be watching hard hitting documentaries that help us to expand our minds, see a different point of view and build up our brain cells. But do we really want to? Let’s take a break from what we should do and enjoy what we want. Let’s revel in the drivel, let’s feast on the foolish and let’s watch what we like.

Here’s our top five Instagram accounts to follow for 10 minutes of mindlessness.


Just plain funny, this page displays the worst of dad fashion from around the world.


Funny, interesting snippets and tales to make you smile.

Chris Hemsworth

If his Viking god body, baby blue eyes and cheeky grin aren’t reason enough to follow this Aussie hottie, his hilarious stunts, cute kids and fabulous outdoor life will be. 

Texts from your existentialist

Philosophy meets art. It sounds deep, but don’t worry, it’s not.


Snippets  of conversations overheard in New York and illustrated. People are weird, what they say can be even weirder.