Babies. When to splurge and when to save


Babies are expensive. There’s no two ways about it and they don’t get any cheaper as they grow older. From clothes and chairs to cribs and cots, there’s just so much you have to buy, and all of it seems to cost a fortune. So, is there any way you can keep costs down when you’ve a little one on the way? We’ve spoken to a group of new moms and uncovered what items you can save money on and where you need to splurge.


Car Seat – Splurge

 You need to spend money on choosing the right car seat. It could save your baby’s life. Take your time, view all the options available and if you can, get advice from a professional in a shop, on choosing and fitting your car seat.


Bumbo Seat – Save

Bumbo seats are designed to help your baby sit upright while they are still too small to support themselves in that position. Lots of babies absolutely love them. BUT they do have safety issues, having been recalled more than once, due to babies falling out of them.  There are also reports to show that the use of them actually delays development and slows down a baby’s ability to sit unaided. So, do yourself a favour and skip spending on this one.


Buggy/pram - Splurge

You’re going to have to push it for around the next 3 years. Trust me, don’t skimp. You don’t have to go all out and get the latest trend but do make sure it’s light enough and agile enough for you to use every day. Is your baby going to be comfortable? Does it adapt as they grow? Does it fit in your car? Can you fold it and unfold it while holding your little one? Ensure the height works for both you and your partner, especially if they're much taller than you. Once again, don’t rush this purchase and try lots of different options before making your decision.


Baby shoes - Save

They won’t stay on, they never seem comfortable and they are bad for a baby’s soft, developing feet. Yes, they look adorable, but they are impractical and unnecessary. 


Baby Carrier – Splurge

A baby carrier can make your life much easier, they are handy, light and babies love being that close to you. But make sure you choose one that is comfortable to wear and supports your back. Babies may be little, but they don’t stay that way and you’ll need a baby carrier that helps you to take their weight as they grow.


Door baby bouncer – Save

Designed to hang from your door frame so your baby can bounce about, baby bouncers are great fun. But they don’t last long, and some babies really don’t like them. If you’re trying to save some money, don’t bother buying one.


Baby mattress and sheets – Splurge

It’s worth spending a little extra and choose a mattress that supports your growing baby. Good baby mattresses are breathable, hypoallergenic and washable. They should conform to safety standards and fit your cot correctly. Soft, well-fitted crib and cot sheets are also important. Sheets that don’t fit or come off the mattress are a suffocation risk, so make sure you choose the right size and shape.


Crib bumper – Save

Paediatricians now recommend against using crib bumpers inside a cot or crib as they are a suffocation risk. They may look cosy and comfortable, but they should be avoided, so save your money and don’t bother with them.


A nursing cushion – Splurge

Great for support whether you are planning on breast or bottle feeding your baby. A good nursing pillow can save you a lot of backache.


A nursing chair – Save

Yes, a rocking or gliding chair is lovely and the idea of swaying back and forth as you rock your baby to sleep sounds heavenly. But they tend to be very big and bulky and a normal chair will be just as comfortable. So, if you’re looking to cut back on the amount of money you’re spending, don’t bother with a nursing chair.


Baby blankets - Save and Splurge!

Baby blankets are somewhere that you can save money, simply because other people splurge on them! Blankets tend to be people's go to’ gifts for new babies. So, wait and let your friends and family buy them. You’re sure to receive plenty of really nice ones.