10 Ways To Get 10 Minutes Peace

the careerclub 10 ways to get 10 minutes peace

You’ve got a work call, you need to get this email out, you have to finish this report, you just need ten minutes! But you’ve also got a little person demanding attention, looking for snacks and wanting some mommy time. 

We’ve all been there, sometimes you just need a few minutes peace to get something done. Well, we are here to help. Here’s our top 10 tips for distracting your child and keeping them busy when you need a quick 10 minutes.


1. Splish Splash

Yes, it’s messy, yes you’ll probably have a flood to deal with afterwards. But for now put down a towel, half fill a basin with warm water and throw in some cups, bowls, spoons and toys (plastic ones preferably). Strip your child down to their nappy and let them loose. There’s nothing that kids love more than water and this activity not only keeps them busy, it’s also brilliant for brain and sensory development.


2. Pots and pans

What child doesn’t like pulling things out of cupboards? Empty a cupboard and then place some pots and pans, wooden spoons and plastic bowls inside. Let them empty everything out and put everything back in again… and again… and again. They can stack the pans, bang them about and generally cause chaos. As long as you’re not on a work call and can ignore the racket, you’ll have 10 minutes to yourself.


3. Blocks

Wooden blocks or stacking cups can steal you a few minutes peace. Kids love to line them up and balance them one on top of the other. And of course, watching them fall is the best bit. Once again this kind of play is not only distracting, it’s beneficial for their development too.


4. Dinosaur land

Or fairyland for that matter! Lay down a sheet and place their toys around it, to create a world of fun. Basins, brushes and cushions make brilliant hills, woods and bushes for toys to hide in and around. How long this game lasts really depends on their age. But even with toddlers, it should buy you a few minutes. And if they’re older, they might just lose themselves in their imaginary world long enough for you to get a cup of tea.

5. Treasure hunt

For slightly older children a scavenger hunt around the house is a great way to keep them busy. Give them a list of things to find; something pink, something hairy, something slimy. Your only limit is your imagination.


6. Painting

I know. I’m sorry. But I had to include it. Yes, it’s messy, yes it’s a pain to clean up and yes, no matter how hard you try some of it will end up on the wall. But it is a great activity to keep them occupied and your child will be in heaven.


7. Chalk

A great one for a warm day if they can draw on the outside wall, patio or balcony. Children are vandals at heart and being allowed to draw on the walls is such a novelty you’ll get lots of time to finish that work that’s calling your name.


8. Jigsaws

This really depends on the age and temperament of your child, but lots of little ones love to piece together a puzzle. Have a few on stand by and take them out when you really need some time to yourself.


9. Audiobooks

They’re not just for long drives! A great alternative to turning on the TV, an audiobook will engage your child and fuel their imagination. There are lots of options out there by great children’s authors and it will give you those precious moments you need to get your work done.


10. Lego

Or Duplo for younger children. There really isn’t a better toy. As with dinosaur land, you can set up the game and allow them to play. Or for older children you can challenge them to build different animals or buildings, using whatever assortment of bricks they have to hand.

It isn’t always easy to get jobs done while parenting, but hopefully, you’ll find an activity here that your children will love and you’ll be able to let them have some fun while you get on with your work.